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What Do I Own if I Purchase Property at J. S. Parker Cemetery?

When you purchase property at J. S. Parker Cemetery, you are purchasing an exclusive right to bury human remains in that specific property.  This "Right" cannot be sold to another.  Any requests to transfer or re-register must be made through the Cemetery.

Can I Place More Than One Individual in a Specific Plot?

Yes. Most property options at J. S. Parker Cemetery allow for the placement of more than one individual.  Please reach out to the Cemetery for information on what is allowed in a specific plot and for any additional fees required.

What are the Dimensions of the Burial Plots?

The plots are 5 feet wide and 10 feet in length.

Does the Cemetery Require an Outer Enclosure?

Yes, the Cemetery requires an outer enclosure, often referred to as a vault, for all burial plots for casket and cremation placements.  The outer enclosure provides protection to the casket and/or the urn from the earth load and helps give stability to the plot.

How Often is the Cemetery Mowed?

The Cemetery is mowed an average of 3-4 times a year.  Additional mowing is provided as needed.

Am I Allowed to Place Flowers and Decorations on my Loved One's Grave?

Yes, refer to the Rules and Regulations Page for more details and information.

When is the Cemetery Open?

The gates are open 365 days a year.  Services are offered Monday-Friday from 9AM-3PM.  Saturday services are available on a limited basis, by appointment only for an additional fee.  There are no services offered on Sundays or national holidays.  Families or the funeral home need to call the Cemetery for availability before scheduling any services.

Can Trees be Added to the Cemetery?

Yes. The general guidelines regarding types and sizes of trees are listed here, but all coordination of plantings must be made through the cemetery staff.

The planting and placement of trees within the boundaries of J S Parker Cemetery is strictly governed and limited by this J S Parker Cemetery Association Tree Policy.  Only J S Parker Cemetery Board-approved tree varieties may be planted, and only with the prior written approval of, and in consultation with J S Parker Cemetery Cemetery’s Cemetery Manager.  Such consultation is for the purpose of determining the specific variety of the tree to be planted and its exact location.

Approved trees will generally be of 2” caliper or greater, chosen from the attached Board-approved list of trees, which are acclimated to J S Parker Cemetery’s environment. If approved, payment can be made in advance to J S Parker Cemetery Association or directly the nursery providing the tree.  The fee includes the cost of the tree, irrigation, and its planting.  The fee may be changed by action of the Board at any time, based on market, labor or other associated costs.

Any tree or other living material planted and growing in J S Parker Cemetery immediately becomes the property of J S Parker Cemetery and is subject to the cemetery's sole discretion as to its shaping, trimming and/or removal at any time.  J S Parker Cemetery has no obligation to ensure the health or viability of any tree or vegetation planted anywhere in or on J S Parker Cemetery property.

Without the approval required by this policy, no individual or groups may plant trees, shrubs, flowers, or vegetables in or on any location within the Cemetery boundaries, including, without limitation, on, in or around any burial plot.

Any tree or prohibited item planted or placed in J S Parker Cemetery in violation of this policy is subject to removal by J S Parker Cemetery at any time, without notice to, and without any J S Parker Cemetery Association liability whatsoever to, the individual or group planting such tree or prohibited item.  Any cost attributable to the removal of an unapproved tree or other prohibited item may be billed to the individual or group found to be in violation of this or other applicable J S Parker Cemetery policy.


  • Burr Oak

  • American Hornbeam

  • Kentucky Coffee Tree

  • Western Catalpa

  • Ponderosa Pine

  • Japanese Tree Lilac

  • Russian Hawthorn

  • Honeylocust

Anything deemed objectionable by cemetery management or in interference with daily maintenance and operation of the cemetery will be removed without notice.

Is Disinterment Possible?

Should a disinterment be requested, the following items need to be considered:

ALL disinterment requests require authorization from the Cemetery, a completed permit issued by the State of Colorado (where applicable), disinterment and potential merchandise fees.  The cemetery will make every effort to honor the request, but it does not guarantee the outcome of the condition of the casket or urn or the ability to retrieve all the remains due to the amount of time in the plot and the condition of the site.    

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